Northeast Early College High School

Guitar and Orchestra

Guitar and Orchestra

The Northeast High School Strings department is brand new and there are a lot of exciting things happening!  We will be learning all styles of music in relation to string instruments (guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass) as well as rhythm section instruments like drum set, bass and electric guitar.  

We will focus on the playing technique that classical music demands and translate that to all styles of music like classical, rock, pop, mariachi or any other music that loves string instruments.  Most high school programs only offer classical guitar because of all the equipment needed for electric guitar.  We will have everything you need to learn electric guitar too!


There will be a full recording studio as well for students that want to record their music, so creating a band and finding band mates is highly encouraged!  Ultimately, we want to play out in the city (sometimes for free, sometimes for a nice dinner!) We’ve purchased a 16 passenger van that will help us play out, visit UT for masterclasses, and go on field trips to hear great bands and orchestras.

New and experienced guitarists are welcome! We will have beginning guitar, advanced guitar, and orchestra classes to sign up for.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to talk, email Mr. Shreve at