Northeast Early College High School

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The Northeast Visual Arts encompass the basic principles and build on skills and technique. We drive creativity to encourage all students to gain understanding of diverse artists and art periods as well as celebrate their hard work by featuring student pieces in community businesses and online platforms.

Art and Painting

In Art 1 courses, we develop drawing and painting skills with various media. In Painting courses, we develop mixed media, watercolor, acrylic painting techniques. In Painting 3 courses, students create portfolios and paint on canvas and other fabric. We have combined our classes with our Art Club and Student Council to create a fashion show and wearable art. We have also conducted Student Art Shows on campus and held Art Auctions. Most noticeably, we have students who won awards at VASE in Region and in State consistently over the past 5 years. We have even had Fine Art alumni create our new school seal.

Drawing and Design

During the Drawing courses we build upon the basic foundations of drawing.  Drawing students have the highest of expectations and pushing themselves to using the elements of design to their fullest potential.  Students will be using more direct observation (learning to trust their eyes) skill set when in the class, they will be exposed to famous artists, use various drawing media and will be able to command the tools necessary to complete the assignments.   During the Drawing 2 and 3 classes the students take a more center role in pursuing how far they want to go with their skills.  Students take assignments and start forging their own paths with where their personal vision will take them, all the while staying true to the basics of the elements of art.  

The 2-D design class is meant to build upon the elements and principles which were covered in the art 1 course.  Students will be using various media from simple pencil and pen to digital design media to push the levels of understanding.  In the Design 2,3 classes the level of digital media grows and the students will trade off some simpler materials for challenging themselves in the class.


And as always, the classes are meant to be fun and enjoyable, yet understanding that the expectations are going to be high and that it is the responsibility of the student to work and be successful.