Northeast Early College High School

Face to Face Learning Information

Dear Northeast Community,

I hope everyone in our school community is healthy and in good spirits. Beginning November 2, all AISD high schools, including Northeast Early College High School, will change on-campus instructional models. Students will begin changing classes to receive face-to-face instruction and support from their teachers. Families may choose to attend in person or to continue with remote off-campus learning. 

Northeast families should complete the AISD survey to indicate their learning preference (in-person or remote) by Thursday, October 29.  Please complete this survey as soon as possible to assist us in our planning. Family Survey Link 

To prepare for more students arriving on campus next week, teachers may elect to provide asynchronous work on Friday, October 30. Students must complete the BLEND attendance form for each class, indicating what work they completed. Students should check with each of their A-Day teachers to confirm they understand the plan for October 30.

Learning Groups: Families who choose on-campus learning will be assigned to one of three learning groups:

Learning Group 1 (A-L): Students will attend classes on campus Monday and Tuesday. Students will attend classes remotely on Wednesday, Thursday,and Friday.

Learning Group 2 (M-Z): Students will attend classes on campus Wednesday and Thursday. Students will attend classesremotely on Monday, Tuesday,and Friday.

Learning Group 3: Students will attend classes on campus every day. *This applies to specific student populations. If you have questions about whether you are in this group, please contact your student’s principal.

Learning Group 4: For families who opt to remain learning from home, students will attend classes remotely in BLEND and Zoom, Monday through Friday. *Please note: schedules for these students will change to accommodate the changes happening on campus (see page 3). Students should check their class pages in BLEND to make sure they understand the new schedule.

Learning groups allow for the monitoring of on-campus attendance, and students and staff will have the opportunity to adjust to new safety procedures. During this time, we will review options for additional students to attend on campus five days a week, as needed for support services, as space is available.

Safety Protocols and Procedures

Our staff is working hard to prepare for the return of our students on November 2. Safety will continue to be the top priority. Students accessing campus will continue to receive health screenings and have a temperature check prior to entering the campus. To ensure we are following safety protocols and procedures:

  • Students will be asked to complete the COVID 19 screening on the Austin ISD app (available for iPhone or Android devices) before approaching a screening station on campus. This must be completed every day. 
    • Students unable to complete the screening using the app will be screened verbally. Please allow additional time in the morning to complete this process. 
  • Students who receive a green check on the app and pass a temperature check will be admitted to campus for the day. All students must wear a mask the entire time they are on campus.
  • Students who receive a red X on the app or who have a fever will not be admitted to campus and must go home for the day. The school nurse will follow up with students and families who do not pass the screening. 
    • Please review COVID-19 Guidelines for information regarding return to school procedures for students who do not pass the screening.  
  • There will be no entry into the school before 8:45 a.m. daily. 
  • Extracurricular activity sponsors are responsible for screening their students who are on campus before 8:45 a.m. 
  • Classrooms have been outfitted with PPE materials including extra masks, gloves, sanitation wipes, hand sanitizer, and desk shields. 
  • We will continue to socially distance when feasible, but please understand that this may not be possible in every situation. 
  • We will continue to work with students on items such as appropriate masking (ALL students and staff will be required to wear a mask on campus) and social distancing, as well as new procedures such as continuous movement during transitions, one-way hallways, one-way staircases, and appropriate lunch and dismissal procedures. 
  • Students will not be permitted to remain on campus after school until further notice unless under the direction of a staff member, including extracurricular activities. 
  • Students will be offered free school breakfast and lunch, or they may bring lunch from home.
    • Students (including seniors) will NOT be allowed to leave campus for lunch.
  • Students need to bring their charged Chromebook to class every day. They are also encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle. Leaving class will be extremely limited.
  • Students should NOT park at Nelson Field.

Teachers With Accommodations

Northeast has some staff members approved to work remotely by AISD. If your student has a teacher who has been approved by the District to continue teaching from home, a substitute teacher or Northeast staff member may be provided, and the student will continue their learning virtually on BLEND. If a substitute teacher is not available, the student will report to an auxiliary location (theater, cafeteria, gym, or library) and continue learning via BLEND, supervised by a Northeast staff member.

New Class Schedule

The new class schedule for on-campus and remote learners follows.

Please reach out to your student’s administrator if you have questions specific to your student. 


Ms. Alisia Longoria

9th Grade A-L

Mr. Kevin Garcia

9th Grade M-Z

Ms. Tiffany Roberson

10th Grade

Dr. Jeffrey Wright

11th Grade

Dr. Jonathan Purser

12th Grade


Let’s Talk

Please continue to reach out to us on Let’s Talk Northeast. Text the Let’s Talk number at 512-856-1543 to gain information and assistance. We also encourage everyone to follow us on social media. As always, thank you all for everything you do to support your student and the Northeast Community.