Northeast Early College High School

Virtual Learning

Northeast Early College High School Virtual Learning Student information. We have some quick tips for students who are new to Northeast ECHS or current students who have FAQ's about virtual learning. 
All students will need access to a Chromebook/Personal Computer and internet. If your student needs either a Chromebook or hotspot they will be added to our technology request list, when your request is ready a member of the front office will contact you with pick up instructions. While waiting for your request to be filled your student can still access their courses by using a cell phone. Your student can also come to campus to learn while waiting for a device. 
We have a series of videos that can help your students get started with virtual learning! When your student receives a Chromebook they will use their student id and password to log in, this is the same login information for the AISD portal as well.  
Check out this video about the AISD portal and password.
Once your student has logged into the portal they will go to BLEND to access their courses. Check out this back to school video that reviews how to access BLEND and the Northeast community course. Parents have access to this course for updated information about Northeast ECHS.
Your student can check their schedule and grades by using the TEAMS- Student Self serve tile in the AISD portal. Check out the video below that shows your students how to look up their schedule or grades.
Make sure to follow us using social media and our website for all the updated information.