Final Exam Schedule


Date Senior Final Exam Period Seniors will be attending normal classes outside of these final exam periods. For example, on 5/13, when they take 1st & 2nd, that is a regular day. Students will continue to have a FULL DAY OF CLASSES on these days.


May 13 1st & 2nd

May 14 5th & 6th

May 15 3rd & 4th

May 16 7th & 8th

Note: The senior finals testing window will open May 13th. To prepare for graduation, all grades for seniors must be submitted Friday, May 17th. Taking Final Exams early does NOT mean that students are not in class after their finals. Seniors and Senior teachers should plan for students to be in class to avoid accruing additional absences or if students still need to complete work to be successful. Senior finals should be given during class. Seniors will only have 90 minutes to take each exam because they are given during regular class time.


9 th - 11 th STUDENT FINALS

Note: Grab and go lunches for students will be provided at the end of the day.

Day 1: Monday - May 20th, 2024

1st period FINAL EXAM 9:05 - 11:00 am

2nd period FINAL EXAM 11:10 - 1:05 pm

Day 2: Tuesday - May 21st, 2024

5th period FINAL EXAM 9:05 - 11:00 am

6th period FINAL EXAM 11:10 - 1:05 pm

Day 3: Wednesday - May 22nd, 2024

9:05 - 11:00 am 3rd period FINAL EXAM

11:10 - 1:05 pm 4th period FINAL EXAM

Day 4: Thursday - May 23rd, 2024 (last school day)

9:05 - 11:00 am 7th period FINAL EXAM

11:10 - 1:05 pm 8th period FINAL EXAM